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An Ocean Apart

Citadel Yachts sets the standard for American-built steel expedition vessels. Our concept, construction and finish are world class.

Our hulls provide clients with unequaled spaciousness, unparalleled fairness and steel hull construction that meets rigid commercial standards making Citadel Yachts’ Expeditionary Trawlers among the safest vessels in the world.

We invite you to explore our website and discover the unique advantages of steel. You’ll quickly understand why Citadel Yachts is truly “An Ocean Apart”.

Our Vessels

Miss Lisa

92′ Expedition Motor Yacht

The Citadel Yachts’ 92 is designed specifically to take you where your heart desires with safety, poise and style.

A wide beam of 24′-8″ substantially adds more usable square footage than the majority of vessels in her class. Combined with all of the luxuries and amenities you would expect, the Citadel Yachts’ 92 makes the journey with friends and family as much fun as the destination.

Polar Bear

102′ Expedition Motor Yacht

The Citadel Yachts’ 102′ is truly an impressive vessel. This model carries on with the tradition set by the Citadel Yachts’ 92′.

A massive beam of 28′ creates an interior square footage equal to most yachts that are 20′ longer.

More space, more range, more economy and greater versatility. It’s an impressive list.

Our Steel Tradition

Safety in Steel

Simply Stated, Nothing is as Strong - or as Safe - as a Steel Hull

Since the 1880s the US Navy has contructed its vessels out of steel, a proud tradition of strength and safety that endures to this day.

From its first steel vessels like the Olympia to the newest aircraft carries the USS George H. W. Bush, steel has led the way in versatility, strength, safety and longevity for our naval forces. Should you expect anything less in your luxury yacht?

Citadel Yachts’ Steel Trawlers carry on the fine shipbuilding tradition of the Pacific Northwest and a proven Bering Sea hull design.

Starting with our Engineered CAD drawings, precision CNC plasma cut steel, and proprietary assembly and welding techniques, our wide beam hulls provide spacious floor plans that our master craftsman finish to a level that is truly world class.

Citadel Yachts build safety, security, quality and comfort into every vessel.

Hull integrity is arguably the most important factor when considering safety. We have all heard the stories of fiberglass and aluminum yachts encountering uncharted rock and shallow reefs, they often end the same.

Our steel hulls and one inch thick steel box beam keels provide unmatched protection against catastrophic hull failure.

You can feel the differences underway aboard a Citadel Yachts’ Steel Trawler; Boating is a whole new experience. You will instantly enjoy a smoother ride with less roll than in a fiberglass or even aluminum yachts, especially in high seas. Your family and friends feel more secure because they are.

No other building material will give you the comfort and security you will experience aboard one of Citadel Yachts’ Expeditionary Trawlers.

  • The interior spaces are spacious and comfortable for the most adventurous voyages.

    Boat International
  • … you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. …their 92′ expedition yacht indicates clearly that they won’t need that second chance.

    Yachts International

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